Optimizse Amazon foreign sales proceeds and overseas supplier payments

Avoid expensive currency conversions. Use secure local bank accounts to collect money from foreign marketplaces and access wholesale exchange rates for supplier payments.

Receive and send funds globally

Collect in USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD. Make payout in over 140 currencies

Financial Value

Achieve better exchange rates, zero transaction costs and no hidden charges

Bespoke solution for sellers

Specialists in providing Collection Accounts and Supplier Payment services to Amazon Sellers

Fast and Secure

Segregated Collection Accounts held with Tier 1 global banks. Receive money within 24 hours

Secure Link

A simple link between Amazon and your business


Amazon payments are sent to your collection account.

DTAS Collection Account

Saves you up to 75% on forex fees

Your Bank Account

Withdraw your balances online, by telephone or by using automatic withdrawal

Is DTAS secure?

Providing a secure and effective solution to our customers is our first priority. To achieve this we have partnered with Currencies Direct, a global specialist with more than 22 years experience in foreign exchange and international payments, to facilitate services to DTAS Customers. Currencies Direct registers clients on behalf of DTAS and carries out the required Anti-Money Laundering due diligence checks on each customer and transaction. Currencies Direct is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and provides DTAS customers with high standards of protection and security.


What makes DTAS different from its competitors?

DTAS provides a carefree and cost effective service without any hidden charges or fees.

DTAS is the only bespoke Online Seller payment service set up by experienced Online Sellers. Our understanding of Seller's needs has helped us to create a service that meet's the expectations of sellers. DTAS is quick to set up, offers market leading transparent value and importantly provides functionality and coverage to help your business grow globally.

We have also invested heavily in making sure customers are fully supported at every step throughout their relationship. This includes having immediate access to first hand information about the latest developments about Amazon and other Partner services.


What can DTAS do for you?

If you are a professional Amazon seller with an international outlook, a key part of your business success will depend on creating efficiencies that can enhance your profit and get you into the buy box. The DTAS service will enable you to immediately enhance the profit generated on your overseas Amazon sales by avoiding marketplace exchange rates. The service will also allow you to reduce your input costs which provides the opportunity to gain a price advantage over your competitors. Additionally, DTAS's services will help you mitigate the effects of moving exchange rates over time through simple hedging products such as forward contracts which create exchange rate certainty even in volatile markets.

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