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Frequently Asked Questions


How will you verify my AMZTracker Account?

Your account email as well as several details will be compared with your AMZTracker account and if it is a match, your rate will automatically be updated to reflect your AMZTracker Advantage Rate. On a regular basis, this connection will be checked, and if you change your AMZTracker plan, your rate will automatically change to reflect the new plan.

How does it work if I join AMZTracker after I join DTAS?

In a very similar process, paying AMZTracker user details will automatically be compared with DTAS customer lists on a regular basis. If there is a match, your rate will reflect your AMZTracker Advantage rate and you will receive an email notification from DTAS.

What is your relationship with CurrenciesDirect?

DTAS has partnered with Currencies Direct to enable optimum delivery of the service to online sellers. DTAS customers will benefit from established technology and access, marketplace verified Money Laundering expertise and customer service excellence.

Help, I didn't receive an email after trying to sign up!

No worries! This occasionally happens, and typically all that’s needed is to resend the verification email. If you are still encountering issues, please call our support lines at 4008-302-789

Where can I find more information about how to use DTAS?

We have additional FAQs about the nuts and bolts of our service within the platform. Every question from how to make a transfer or set up autowithdraw rules is answered and convenient.

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