Business Benefits

How does DTAS increase my profit margin?

Every two weeks, when you get paid by Amazon for sales in a foreign marketplace, you’re losing money to their extensive hidden fees and high commissions. Amazon sellers lose up to 4% of their US dollar sales in foreign exchange charges if they allow their revenue to be automatically converted by the Amazon currency converter tool.

With no control over when they send money to your bank account, you’re at the mercy of whatever the exchange rate happens to be that day, instead of moving when the rate is in your favor. DTAS users save up to 75% on their foreign exchange costs, beating the banks and putting more cash in your wallet.

How does DTAS save me time?

Automate your Transfers
Set up automatic withdrawals when your account reaches a specified balance or at a time you set. Meaning you can focus on your business and not your banking.

Rate Alerts

No need to obsessively check the exchange rate, we do it for you. Receive a message by SMS and Email the second the rate moves in your favor.

All your Collection Accounts in one interface. 

Many Amazon sellers sell in multiple countries, and have to log in and out of several different bank accounts and amazon interfaces just to manage their money. With DTAS, Login once and see the whole picture on one screen.

Avoid the hassle of setting up bank accounts in foreign countries. 

Previously, to do what you can do with DTAS, you had to set up bank accounts in each and every country you do business in. Setting up bank accounts remotely in Europe and the US was a pain with each country having different laws and regulations. It took hours to do the research, hours to set up the accounts, and sometimes the accounts weren’t even in your native language. There’s a simpler way: DTAS.


How does DTAS reduce the risk for my business?

DTAS relies on a proven system to handle foreign transfers quickly, efficiently, and reliably. No more missing payments or missed deadlines. With DTAS you have a robust system and a team that has devoted their life to international finance. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

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