AMZTracker and Amazon Integration

How will you verify my AMZTracker Account?

Your account email as well as several details will be compared with your AMZTracker account and if it is a match, your rate will automatically be updated to reflect your AMZTracker Advantage Rate. On a regular basis, this connection will be checked, and if you change your AMZTracker plan, your rate will automatically change to reflect the new plan.

How does it work if I join AMZTracker after I join DTAS?

In a very similar process, paying AMZTracker user details will automatically be compared with DTAS customer lists on a regular basis. If there is a match, your rate will reflect your AMZTracker Advantage rate and you will receive an email notification from DTAS.

What are the Key Benefits of AMZTracker?

AMZTracker is the most trusted tool for Amazon sellers to take control over their business.

AMZTracker allows you to track what keywords your products (and competitors) rank for and you’ll know exactly how to change your listing to reach the top of the search rankings.

AMZTracker allows you to track your competitor’s actual sales volume, revenue, and available inventory.

AMZTracker provides you with the best Amazon SEO tools and tools that analyze your listings and tell you exactly what to do to optimize it and succeed.

You’ll even review notifications instantly when your products receive reviews and you can stay on top of your reputation.


How long does it take to receive my payment from Amazon?

In the case of Amazon sellers, funds take 4-6 days to appear in your Collection Account. This is standardised and would take the same amount of time as it would if Amazon were sending funds to your own bank account.

You will receive a balance notification in the morning when funds are available to withdraw. As soon as you receive notification, you can instruct us to transfer funds either by phone or by logging into your online account. Once you have confirmed a transaction we will send the funds to your bank account. The funds will normally be available in your own bank account within 24 hours; this is subject to the business opening hours of your bank.

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