Registration and Accounts

How long does it take to open my account after registration?

It takes 48 hours for us to set up and finalize your account. This slight delay is necessary to ensure compliance with KYC and AML legislation. You’ll be sent an email the second this process is completed, and shortly after, sent definitive bank details.

Is it really free to open an account?

Only pay for what you use, making it impossible to lose money using our service. We only charge a small commission on the money you send through our service without any hidden transfer fees. It’s free to open an account, and no monthly fees either.

In what countries can I open up a collection account?

The perfect fit to collect money from sales in the largest Amazon marketplaces with Collection Accounts in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Can I get a certificate to verify my Collection Account?

Yes you can. We are able to provide certificates to verify access to banking facilities(PDF). Certification is sometimes required by marketplaces for this purpose.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum period?

There is no minimum period that you can hold an account for. If you don’t use DTAS account during 3 months, the account will temporarily closed,if you want continue using or no longer require your account please email quoting your client details.

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